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All of our caregivers meet the highest standard . . .

"We would entrust them with the care of our own loved ones!"

They want to live at home as long as long as possible . . .

they're going to need some help!

Caregiving supports the whole family!

Our motto is: "Caring for the one you love...

In the place they love!"

Our Services

Helping you find the right care plan for your loved one!

In-Home Care

“Mom and Dad want to continue living in their own home but they’re going to need some help.”


Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

“My husband suffers from severe dementia and can no longer be left at home by himself.”


Recovery Care

“Mom returns home from the hospital tomorrow following surgery. She is going to need personal care and home maker assistance during her recovery.”


Companion Care and Home Helper Services

“Dad could really use some company, as well as someone to help him out around the house.”


Hospice Assistance

“In addition to the scheduled hospice services, my grandma needs daily care and supervision.”


Live-In Care

“My older brother is paraplegic and requires a live-in care giver, someone to help him complete his daily activities such as bathing, dressing grooming and eating.”


Additional Services

The best care-plan is the one that best serves the unique care needs of your loved one. If the care-plans above do not appear to match the needs of your loved one, we will design a plan that does!

Getting Started

Knowledge is power!

Most people who come to this site are feeling a bit overwhelmed, under-informed and are searching for answers. At Portland In-Home Care, we believe that knowledge is power and that good advice, in the form of accurate and helpful information, is what enables us to make confident choices. So before we send one of our caregivers to your home, our first goal is to ensure that you feel sufficiently informed and equipped to make the right choice for your family.

Caregiving is not a “one size fits all” service!

When you contact Portland In-Home Care, you will talk with one of our care consultants; it is their job to help you find a sustainable solution to the care-crisis that you are presently facing. Finding the solution begins with rightly assessing the needs for our client and their families. During a time of consultation, we create a personal care plan, which is designed to serve the specific needs of those in need of care. Once we settle on just the right personal care plan, we can then match and assign your loved one with just the right caregiver.

You’re facing a difficult decision . . .we can help.

All of our caregivers go through a vetting process, including an extensive background check before they are even considered for employment. Upon hire our caregivers receive ongoing in-house training, which includes the industry leading, state-approved curriculum from IPCed. Our aim is that you can feel confident knowing that your loved one is receiving expert care and before you know it, you and your family will have the assurance and peace of mind that comes from knowing everyone is safe at home!

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About Us

We are a new agency but we are not new to caregiving! Our agency administrator, Christopher Laird (BTh, MABS) and Heather O’ Leary (RN BSN), have a combined thirty years experience providing health services in the Portland Metro area. We started this agency because we believe that  caring for the vulnerable members of our community is both a profound privilege and a sacred trust. To honor that trust all of our caregivers are carefully screened and vetted before they are hired. Our caregivers receive regular ongoing training from the state approved curriculum from IPCed, as well as in-house training and supervision from our agency nurse. Our motto at Portland In-Home Care is, “Caring for the one you love, in the place they love!” The way that we fulfill our mission is by ensuring that your family receives the kind of caregiver that we would entrust with the care of our own loved one!

Our Core Values

Portland In-Home Care is built upon three core values. They are: Engage, Advocate and Equip. We engage our community as advocates for the elderly and the disabled and we equip caregivers to provide critical services and much-needed support to our clients and their families. Our purpose is to be a resource-center in our community, which is why we provide consultation services without cost or obligation. So even if you do not hire us as your care-giving agency, if we can help you find a sustainable solution to your family care-crisis, we will have done our job!

Aging in Place

“Aging in Place” is the name of a research report, issued by the AARP and the NCSL, which revealed, “Nearly 90 percent of people over age 65 want to stay in their home for as long as possible, and 80 percent believe their current residence is where they will always live.”

A Living Environment

The study concludes, “for older adults to age in place, their physical and service environment must be accommodating.” According to the study, the primary factor for determining whether or not these elderly people will remain in their homes is not their physical health but their living environment. In other words, in order for these folks to go on living in their own home, “aging in place”, their homes and communities must be safe and supportive!

Care in the Place They Love

As we go through life, our needs are always changing and these changes will require that we make some adjustments to our living environment. By making these minor and significant adjustments, we can continue living in our own homes through all the stages of life. One way to ensure that you or your loved ones continue living in a safe and supportive environment is to supplement your home with the supportive services of a caregiver. This way your loved one can go on living in the place they love!

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