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Helping You Find the Right Care Plan for Your Loved One

Portland In-Home Care helps senior couples stay in their own home.

In-Home Care

“Mom and Dad want to continue living in their own home but they’re going to need some help.”

face of alzheimer's disease, elderly patient with his wife and caretaker

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

“My husband suffers from advanced dementia and can no longer be left at home by himself.”

Sick old woman being visited by a friend.

Recovery Care

“Mom returns home from the hospital tomorrow. She is going to need personal care and home helper assistance during her recovery.”

Elderly senior man being brought a meal by his caregiver nurse.

Companion Care & Home Helper Services

“Dad could really use some company, as well as someone to help him tidy up around the house.”

Elderly woman sleeping

Hospice Assistance

“In addition to the scheduled hospice services, my grandma needs daily care and supervision.”

Home aid helps elderly man out of bed

Overnight Care

“My brother will need an overnight caregiver when the family goes out of town, someone to help him complete his daily activities of bathing, dressing grooming, and eating.”

Additional Services

Caregiving is not a ‘one size, fits all’ service and at Portland In-Home Care we believe that the best care plan is the one that best serves the unique care needs of your loved one and your family. If one of the general Care Plans listed above does not appear to describe the needs of your loved one that is no problem. We can design a plan that does!

nurse making notes during a visit to a senior couple
Most of our services are daily/weekly and some are “as requested.”

  • Rise’n Shine –  help with getting out of bed, assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming, followed by a hot breakfast.
  • Medication Administration – let us order, pick-up your prescriptions, fill your pill box, and assist you in maintaining your medication regiment!
  • Night Time Tuck in Service – assistance getting ready and getting safely into bed.
  • Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Date!
  • Grocery Shopping – shopping and putting away items as well as checking the expiration dates of food in the house.
  • Beauty Appointment – every woman needs a day at the beauty parlor and every man appreciates a trip to the barber shop!
  • Travel Companion to attend on trips or vacations!
  • Respite Service for those family caregivers!
  • Chef’s Special – a special dinner prepared by one of our talented cooks!

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