Our Mission:

Provide our clients with high-quality in-home care services, 
and provide our caregivers with a rewarding career path.

Our Vision:

Build an in-home care agency run by caregivers and care
teams, and then grow our business one “house” at a time!

Our Pledge:

“We empower our clients to live safely and independently in the place they love and in a manner they enjoy!”

Our Values:

  • Everyone at PIHC is a caregiver!
  • The answer is in the team!
  • Every client is unique and has their own personalized Care Plan.
  • PIHC is a caregiver training and coaching center.
  • We care for each other, and then we go out and care for our clients.
  • We are always seeking to close the gaps between our stated and lived values.

Please Answer These 3 Questions:

  1. Does our mission speak to you?
  2. Does our vision inspire you?
  3. Would you like to work at an agency that genuinely cares for its caregivers?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, we encourage you to take the next step!

  1. Click this Calendly link now and schedule a to time to talk with one of our Career Coaches!  Or…
  2. Read sign and submit the Caregiver Job Description  Or…
  3. Click this Calendly link to start your interview process! 

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