In-Home Care

When considering a solution to your loved one’s care needs, there are basically two paths you can take. The first path is to pack up and move somewhere else to receive the needed support. The second path is to stay where you are and have our trusted caregivers bring supportive care services to you in your own home.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Today 15.5 million Americans are caring for a loved one with dementia. Sadly, 60% of those family caregivers report their emotional stress as “high” or “very high.” Portland In-Home Care works with families to create stronger support systems.

Recovery Care

After hospitalization, most patients want to recover in the place where they feel most comfortable, which is their own home. Recovery Care services provide your loved one with the support they need to make a full recovery at home. Under the supervision of our agency RN, Heather O’Leary, our caregivers …

Home Helper/ Companion Care

The purpose of Companion Care is to simply offer friendship and provide opportunities for social interaction. Home Helper services extend beyond the social needs to providing practical help with things like grocery shopping, meal preparation, and light housekeeping.

Hospice Assistance Services

Our Hospice Assistance program is designed to provide critical care services for your loved one while alleviating some of the stress and strain on the immediate family. Hospice Assistance services ease the burden of those suffering from chronic illness or preparing for “end of life.”

Overnight Care Services

According to the annual “Cost of Care Survey”, which measures the cost of long-term care across the nation, the 2016 annual cost for receiving in-home care services is comparable to the cost of living in a one-bedroom, single occupancy, in an assisted living facility. At Portland In-Home Care, we are committed …