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Affordable, Quality In-Home Care Services

According to the annual “Cost of Care Survey”, which measures the cost of long-term care across the nation, the 2021 annual cost for receiving in-home care services is comparable to the cost of living in a one bedroom, single occupancy, in an assisted living facility. At Portland In-Home Care, we are committed to providing affordable, quality in-home care services to those who need a dedicated caregiving services day or night. We are thrilled to be able to provide our clients with the viable option of remaining in their own home. For with Portland In-Home Care, you don’t have to leave the place you love to receive the care you need!

The First Rule of Caregiving

Our caregivers are both skilled and compassionate, as well as trusted. Our caregivers are required to pass a thorough background check before they are even considered for this program. Only after completing our state authorized training program, do our caregivers become eligible to provide overnight care services to our clients. What all this means for you and your family is that you can rest assured, knowing that your loved one is in the hands of a skilled caregiver, who has earned the right to serve your family. The “first rule” of caregiving at Portland In-Home Care is: “The only caregiver we will send into your home is the caregiver that we would trust in our own home and with our loved ones.”

Overnight Care Services

  • Companion and Homemaker Services
  • Personal Care
  • Prepare Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Home Monitoring
  • Medication Assistance
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Transportation
  • Wake Up Assistance
  • Night Time “tuck in” Assistance
  • Much more as requested …

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