As reported in the Oregonian today, “All that bright, clear, but not-too-hot weather that seemed to skip the Portland area for spring and early summer has settled in for fall. Time to get Vitamin N!

Vitamin N

Simply put, Vitamin N refers to the health-promoting benefits of nature. In Portland, spring’s record rain was followed quickly by excessive heat, with no breaks in between. But this week is offering up clear skies and nearly normal temperatures for early October — finally.”

Heather O'Leary and Chris Laird of Portland In-Home Care
Heather O’Leary and Chris Laird
Portland In-Home Care client getting her Vitamin N
Portland In-Home Care client getting her Vitamin N

There are plenty of recent studies supporting the mental, physical and emotional benefits associated with engaging nature. One such study from the University of Michigan “explored the cognitive benefits of interacting with nature and found that walking in a park in any season, or even viewing pictures of nature, can help improve memory and attention.”

One of the things we love so much about Portland is that it’s such a great town for experiencing the renewing power of nature! We can all benefit from the renewing power of nature or Vitamin N. At Portland In-Home Care, we have seen first-hand how nature becomes a kind of mental and emotional sanctuary for those struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s. So, while our name is Portland ‘In-Home’ Care when the weather is as beautiful as it has been this month, we head outdoors!

Dahlias growing in a Portland neighborhood
Dahlias growing in a Portland neighborhood


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